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Our Services

Radio is definitely not the only service we offer. View the most recent and past works of the LJDNetwork. With a diverse range of videos, websites and graphics from earlier works, you’ll surely find a service you love and that fits your budget. 

We now offer Ai Digital graphics

Our commercials are designed to make an impact on your business and drive more revenue. Our videos are affordable and highly versatile—they can be used for website posts, blog page updates, YouTube channel enhancements and much more. Invest in our quality commercial videos today, and start driving interaction to your business tomorrow!

Animated Video Commercials

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Commercial shorts are a trendy way to visually get you point across. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and animations. These are great for social media post, intro’s and outro’s for even bigger video productions, and make the coolest ads. Get a price quote.

About Our Websites

At LJDNetwork we have been designing websites for over 25 years.  Here a few more recents of our recents websites. A basic website includes:

  • 3 Web pages
  • 3 External links
  • 3 internal links
  • 2 Email links
  • 1 Contact form


Ad Space is Available on all LJDNetworks websites

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Cartoon & Photo Touch-ups
Video Intros & Outros

About Our SEO

Our basic websites are priced at $350 for a 3 page website. SEO is not included in that website, this service is billed separately. To inquire about our SEO services contact us

Movie Shorts

YouTube Channels

All videos on this channel Produced and created by Lina Jones. Earlier works also included: Vimeo Channel 

LJDNetwork (Lina Jones) Earlier Works

The Miniature Me Academy Project
Her job was to be the videographer for the company for their event. We created the channel on YouTube and all the video’s you see on this channel was produced and created by Lina Jones

YouTube Channels

All of the videos on this channel were produced and created by Lina Jones

Designs & Logos

We have a library of graphics videos. Artwork,  that expands. Over 25 years.  This is just a small glimpse. If you have any questions, please us.


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