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LJDNetwork is proud to offer a wide selection of entertainment services, ranging from our LJDNPodcast to our classic and exclusive radio stations, which are both available on-demand at any time and place. We believe that small business owners shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to access quality media services, so we work with companies of all sizes to find plans that fit their budgets. To learn more about us, head over to LJDNetwork.com! We’d be honored if you’d take part in our mission by spreading the word about us, too. We’ve come a long way since starting up The LJDNShow back in 2014, and we look forward to continuing on this exciting journey with you!

We've always Been Here

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Since then, our station family has grown to include two additional radio stations. That are dedicated to providing round-the-clock streaming podcast talk radio featuring a broad range of topics and interests and commercial and Indie music.

LJDNShow Interviews

For four years, the LJDNShow entrepreneur interviews aired with much fanfare. Our archives contain a comprehensive collection of advertisements for the show. 

In 2014, we incorporated podcasting and music into our content. We’ve featured a variety of independent artists whose music has reached audiences around the world and helped boost our viewership significantly.

Everyone is not meant to be a Client


This insight has been gained through long experience in business. Popular opinion may hold that a company will reliably reach success after the first five years; however, small businesses typically require more time and work to become established. As a solopreneur, Lina’s hard work has paid off with accumulated progress over the years. Here are some of her works for your consideration.

As a solopreneur, Lina has acquired extensive experience in building her business layer by layer over the years.Lina Jones produced many videos throughout her years on YouTube. Luckily, some of these videos are still able to be seen by viewers today. Jones used her own creativity and skill to produce all of this content- including the iconic logo she created early on.


Throughout the years, our company has grown and adapted. We began as a web design & hosting service business, providing additional services such as videography and desktop publishing.. 

Technology today makes it easy


These days, it is easier than ever before to grow your brand. At LJDNetwork, we understand how important this is for business owners of all sizes — from micro to small businesses. Our experienced team and the right kind of media can equip you with the tools necessary to make your business flourish within your budget.

She had to work through them alone. As she watched technology grow from not wanting a website to a website frenzy, she continued to grow as her finances allowed her at a slow but steady pace.

At first, Her company’s clients were seeking artwork for logos, business cards, and flyers. Though they had a level of expertise with web hosting and website design, there were other challenges that needed to be addressed.

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