While events may not be a regular occurrence, we make sure to make them memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Stay up-to-date with the latest information on upcoming events by bookmarking this page. We look forward to seeing you there.

Big Brown Birthday
Lina Jones & Big Brown

Comedian Big Brown (middle), LJDNetwork owner Lina Jones (right) and Hubby (left)at Jam Cafe VB, VA.

LJDN Virtual Art Show

At LJDNetwork, we strongly believe in supporting the Micro Business community. In December 2022, we hosted our first ever LJDN Virtual Art Show which showcased the amazing talents of Sketch Artist Brian Whipple. This event proved to be extremely successful and helped him achieve record sales on Etsy for the month of December. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be sponsoring another artist for LJDN Virtual Art Show in December 2023. While we’ve already selected an artist for this year, we’re still searching for one to showcase their work in December 2024. If you know an outstanding artist that you’d like us to consider, please reach out via email at

LJDNR Halloween Masquerade Party

LJDNetwork proudly hosted and sponsored an annual Halloween masquerade party from 2020 to 2022. The video above served as an advertisement for our 2023 event, which unfortunately will not be taking place this year. We invite you to visit our YouTube channel to see more of our Halloween advertisement videos, on our YouTube Channel. We extend our gratitude to those who attended our Halloween parties during that time.

Proceeds from this event were donated to “The All In One Foundation” in Richmond VA.

LJDNR Fusion
Concert & Festival

Labor Day 2022 was an eventful day for LJDRadio. We sponsored our very first Independent Artists Concert called “Fusion” in July. Our aim was to provide independent artists a platform where they could showcase their music to a live audience and inform them about where they can access and download their songs. To make the occasion even more exciting, we hired MC Tray Stylz. DJ Ace from Richmond, VA generously contributed his time to make it a massive success. This concert took place at MT Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, VA, and you can find videos of the performers on our LJDNRadio YouTube Channel. We are thrilled to continue promoting music and independent artists like “Endoe” in the future!

2021 LJ Diamond Awards

The LJ Diamond Awards were first conceived in 2015 by our Founder, Lina Jones. Its purpose was to recognize independent artists for their outstanding achievements across different genres of music. As part of the award package, we offered an impressive marketing packet, personalized T-shirts, and trophies while also showcasing winners’ pictures on LJDNRadio for as long as it continues to exist. However, due to limited resources and overwhelming votes received that year, we had to call a temporary halt to the awards in 2017.

Fortunately, we resumed hosting the awards again in 2021 and it was an overwhelming success! We are currently planning for a huge comeback in early 2024 and working with top-notch music management companies to offer an even more extraordinary package like never before seen. Additionally, we will now include indie independent artist videos and introduce our newest accolade category – The LJDN Diamond Podcaster Award!

If you would be interested in seeing some of our commercial advertisements for previous editions of the LJ Diamond Awards or highlights from any of the ceremonies so far held; please make sure you visit our YouTube channel today!

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