The A.I's Are At It Again

Lilly, Keith and Rosey are at it again, this time the argument is over the LJDNLive introduction. Lilly gets a little angry at Keith this time and uses the "a" word, check it out.

where are they on ljdnradio.com

Where Are They Now?

In 2014, when the LJDNetwork was first created on the show called the LJDNShow with Lina Jones, she did lots of interviews these interview were with micro business owners, entrepreneurs and Independent music the combination of all of who that formed the LJDNetwork. Now, in 2023 we would like to know “Where are they?” Get updates of how they are doing If they are no longer self-employed, threw in the towel and went back to their corporate jobs, what milestones they have accomplished since we last connected.  This will be exclusive interviews hosted by Mahogany Fawn in a miniseries Podcast for LJDNetwork stay tuned for more information and the premier date.

The Social Healthwork Show has ended Season II, Season III will begin in 2023 not sure of the date as we will be moving. Season II was short but very informative, but we  to end early. The best part is now you have a chance to catch up on season one and two. Next year we will be back with more subjects controversial and fun so make sure bookmark this page for updates. 

LJDNRadio is also available on Amazon Alexa, if you don't believe me just ask Alexa she'll tell you.