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This is the hub for all of LJDNetwork websites information and our 3 radio stations can be found here. Get a 5% discount all services by joining our mailing list below. We are now live on LJDNRadio FB & X page with our new VPlaylist. Check it out Monday-Friday 10AM -12PM with a different genre of music each day. We also have a new Gospel/Christian DJ on LJDNROpulence.com, check out his playlist Friday evenings. Visit the Opulence website for more information.

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Join us weekdays from 10-12PM for our VPlaylist on FB and X
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ND Music In Full Effect

ND Music is a radio show broadcasted on LJDNRadio that features a curated selection of music from independent artists across various genres. We invite talented ND Artists to submit their music and find out more information on how to participate at LJDNRadio.com.

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Check out LJDNR-Opulence Gospel DJ’s  Ant Rob playlist on LJDNR-Opulence.com

ShineBold a new music promotions subscription plan rolling out May 1st. Stay tuned more information to come.

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At LJDNetwork, we offer a wide variety of services beyond music and podcasting. We provide web design and hosting, audio and video commercials ads, along with desktop publishing. Explore our website to discover all the ways we can help you create content that stands out from the crowd.

All of our stations include podcasting. Our Podcasting packages offer the highest quality, most professional services available. Our extensive list of features include:

  • An introductory voiceover
  • A one-week promotional campaign across our expansive network
  • 2 Free consultations per month
  • Tech support for minor issues (relating to podcast or webpage)
  • Affordable pricing options
  • 1 Optional webpage 


With our high-end services you get the ultimate experience you deserve.

Because we love music of all types. At the Melting Pot, we’re proud to offer a wide range of musical styles. Our Sunday program features gospel music and sermons, followed by evening jazz. During the week, you can enjoy listening to

  • pop (Kpop and classic pop);
  • New country & classic country;
  • rock (classic rock and its derivatives)
  • hip hop/rap
  • R&B
  • Old School
  • Tech/Disco
  • Music lovers will find something for everyone in the Melting Pot!

Opulence is a sister station to LJDNRadio, specializing in gospel and Christian music. You’ll hear inspiring songs, podcasts from experienced and budding motivational speakers, as well as sermons from today’s ever-growing ministries. Join us for your daily dose of uplifting music or be part of this soul-saving movement! Inspire others and spread the good word.

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LJDNLive with Lina & Megan

#LJDNLive is back and buzzing on #LJDNRadio every weekday morning from 9am to 12pm. Each day, we dive into discussions on a variety of topics. While we stick to a general format, it’s not uncommon for us to veer off into spontaneous and #goodtalk conversations – always keeping it engaging, educational, and a mix of humorous and serious. Listeners, be advised: mild profanity might make its way into the dialogue. Find out more on ljdnradio.com 

The Network

Joining our dynamic network is an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking to thrive in the realms of podcasting, music, videos, events, and consulting. By becoming a member, you’ll gain access to a diverse range of services that can amplify your creative pursuits and professional endeavors. Our network provides a platform for podcasters to share their unique perspectives, musicians to showcase their talents, and video creators to captivate audiences with their captivating content. Additionally, we host engaging events that facilitate networking and collaboration, offering you the chance to connect with industry experts and like-minded individuals. Our consultancy services provide invaluable guidance and expertise to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of your chosen field. Join our network today and unlock a world of opportunities, where your creative passions and professional aspirations can thrive.

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Welcome, beautiful souls, to a sanctuary crafted just for you. 🌸✨ As the week comes to a close, it’s time to shed the burdens, release the tension, and reclaim your peace of mind. In the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, we invite you to join our empowering community of women who understand the importance of self-care and rejuvenation. Join the group so you can be notified of the launch date. Join the group! 

A collective group of Podcast entertainers  brainstorming and sharing ideas, tips and techniques that help expand each other’s businesses through today’s media platforms includes podcast, ads, social media, radio, email, and video. Meet like minded people and Podcasters looking for people like you to interview. Although our main focus is Podcast media , we explore many ways to utilize it. This includes creative  thinking for the use of A.I. as a form of media stream to enhance sales. Join the group to meet Podcasters, voice -over Artist and other creative souls. Learn more…

Need A Speaker For Your Next Event?

Lina Jones is available for virtual and live (local) speaking events. What sets me apart as a professional speaker is my ability to connect with people on a deep level. I believe in the power of authenticity and strive to create an atmosphere of trust, empathy, and open dialogue. By tailoring my presentations to the specific needs and interests of each audience, I ensure that participants walk away with actionable takeaways and a renewed sense of motivation. To book or inquire about a  speaking engagement email us at ljdn@ljdnetwork.com


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