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There's only 7 spots available for this crazy sell day! Labor Day weekend its the big pow! Wow! There's going to be music, performances, food! End the summer with $$ and a bang! If you have the goods they have the cash Find out more information on LJDNRadio.com, discount prices for healthcare workers, police, fire and military. You deserve a break (ID Proof will need to be shown before set-up). We will see you there September 3rd hours are from 9am - 6:30pm for the LJDNR Fusion Concert & Festival 22 stay all day or half the day. For questions or concerns email: ljdnradio@gmail.com or call 757-383-2251.

P.H.A.T Baby The Comedian

P.H.A.T Baby the Comedian is making a comeback and doing some of it on LJDNPodcast. Listen, she don't have a problem putting anyone in check. There will be NO slapping on this Comedian  Check the Podcaster schedule for specific days. LJDNPodcast is offering 1 month free for 30 minutes of podcasting.   Check the Podcaster schedule for specific days. LJDNPodcast is offering 1 month free for 30 minutes of podcasting.

LJDNRadio Station Manager

Takisha Frost Producer of "The LOFF" on LJDNRado

New Show "The LOFF" The LOFF is a platform show that shines on all the unknown stars of the world, our hard-working independent artists.This is the comfort zone of all gifts and talents, the place to be 100% you. It's totally all about you and the opportunity to tell your story now. So lounge with me and let's light up the world together, in unity.--

At an early age, her love of music would be inspired by her family who was all musically gifted. One of her greatest musical experiences was when her father took her to see National Recording Artist and Grammy Award winner Shirley Caesar, on the campus of Elizabeth City State University. Who knew that on these grounds her love for music would be nurtured to help navigate her journey ahead.

We are officially back on YouTube talking about those subjects that affect our social life. At the time of this update we will be in week 3 of Season 2, wow how time fly's. You have time to catch up doing it early makes it easy. Our first show of the season we talked about social media trolls and our next show is about social media groups. Listen in to hear what we say, who knows you might learn something new. Don't forget to subscribe.  

Noir Raven Takes A Break

If you are familiar with DJ Noir Raven or follow him on YouTube and/or social media you know he has been going steady for about 2 straight years with #LJDNLive on #LJDNRadio. These days Raven has been busy taking care of business, he started a new job working in the Portsmouth VA Police Department and has enrolled in college for the winter semester. So his schedule is getting ready to be crazy, through it all he has maintained his show but now he needs a breather. Will he be back? Yes, he will but he needs time to fit his hobby into in schedule this young one is busy but we wouldn't have him any other way. After all, he is our #youngpolitician aka #youngpoli representing the #millenials. Stay tuned in for his comeback in a few weeks in the meantime you can hear him on LJDNPodcast Thurs, Fri, and Sat.


LJDNRadio is also available on Amazon Alexa, if you don't believe me just ask Alexa she'll tell you.

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Openings for DJs with a love for Country music, Rock, Reggae, and Gospel/Christian music. For inquiries send an email to ljdnradio@gmail.com.

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