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In 2015, Lina Jones, the owner and founder of the LJ Diamond Awards, initiated an event that aimed to give back and acknowledge independent artists who allowed her to use their music on her show, The LJDSNShow in 2014. The original intent of the awards was to fill in gaps between guests during her two-hour program. Over time it became challenging to maintain this format due to difficulties finding emerging talent. To address this issue, Lina reached out via Facebook and Twitter to various independent artists she followed. Jimmy Packets., Steve Hester., Michael Brondstetter, Jay Walks, Norma Jean Angel and a few others granted her permission to play their already established music. Moved by these artists’ struggles in getting their work heard, Lina decided to create an awards ceremony as a way of giving back while supporting independent talent. This is how the LJ Diamond Awards came into existence.











Podcasting has become a popular and trendy tool for businesses to market and brand themselves. It allows people to get a glimpse into the personality and character of your business. In line with this, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Podcast awards in 2024. The winners will be selected based on the popularity and quality of their content. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay updated on all the details. If you are interested in becoming a #DiamondPodcaster, click the button to learn more.

In order to meet the needs of all artists, whether independent or commercial, we have made an important addition to our awards for the year 2024. We are now accepting video submissions, which will be evaluated based on their popularity and creativity. To submit your video, please provide us with a YouTube link or send us the MP4 file. Once received, the videos will be featured on the LJDNRadio.com website for all to enjoy.











LJ Diamond Awards 2018/19 trophy

We have had the opportunity to encounter a multitude of diverse trophy designs throughout our journey. Our ultimate aspiration is to craft our own unique and distinct trophy, which will undoubtedly come to fruition in due course. However, in the meantime, we procure trophies for our deserving winners. There is truly nothing more gratifying than possessing a memento that showcases your dedication and perseverance, which perfectly encapsulates the essence of our rewards ceremony.


The 2021 awards ceremony presented us with a significant challenge. We had planned to award taller trophies to the winners; unfortunately, during the shipping process, many of them arrived with their tops off. However, the resilient winners took it in stride and were able to have their photos taken, which is an essential requirement for award recipients. From that experience, we made a wise decision to stick with regular-sized trophies as they proved easier to package and avoided any future inconveniences similar to this one..

2021 LJ Diamond Awards Winners
Loni Crawford - Gospel
Ed Roman- Pop
Matt Westin - Country
Brady Novoty - Rock

LJ Diamond Awards 2018/19 winners

The 2019 Awards Challenge presented us with a unique obstacle - delivering the trophy to Davide Moscato, situated in Italy. Unlike previous years where we had shipped the award to Canada, this time the logistics of shipping it overseas proved challenging. Unexpected expenses arose as the cost of shipping became exorbitant, and unfortunately, Davide was required to bear an additional burden for his trophy's transport. We were immensely grateful that he took it in his stride without any complaints. However, we realized that it would be feasible to include only participants from within North America going forward. Nevertheless, our efforts did not go unnoticed as reports of our awards ceremony appeared in prominent Italian newspapers.

2019 LJ Diamond Awards Winners
Steve Hester -Gospel
Jimmy Packes - Rock
Vic Rector - Most Popular Social Media Person
Davide Moscato - Pop
Michael Brondstetter - Country

LJ Diamond Awards 2018/19 pic

In 2017, we made the decision to invest in a highly valued pure crystal for our awards ceremony. The ceremony itself had only been running for two years - the previous year only saw two awards presented; one to the most sought-after Independent Artist on our Twitter account and another awarded to the most popular show interviewed on the LJDNShow. Recognizing that only one trophy would be presented at this time, it was clear that further changes were necessary. Lina then decided that all genres should receive an award moving forward, creating a fairer competition and bringing balance to future ceremonies. We are proud of this progressive change and look forward to continually improving our offerings.

2017 LJ Diamond Awards
Cosmic Crash (Danny Meyers)


LJ Diamond Awards 2016/17winners

In 2016, the third year of our awards ceremony, we made a decision to exclusively focus on music. The LJDNShow was no longer broadcasting at this time and most of the award categories were tailored towards it. In 2017, Lina decided to recognize artists across all genres and as such, 2016 marked the last year when only one independent artist would win a music award. We are committed to celebrating excellence in music and look forward to continuing our tradition of recognizing outstanding talent in the years ahead.

2016 LJ Diamond Awards winners were:
Roderick Jefferson Professional Voice-Over Artist Radio
"Most Popular Interview"
Jimmy Packes
"Most Retweeted Independent Artist"

LJ Diamond Awards 2014/15

The 2015 awards marked the inception of our annual ceremony. Despite some advertising missteps that caused confusion regarding whether it was a 2015 or 2016 event - which was named the 2015/2016 awards at that time - the very first year we held these accolades was in fact, 2015. The purpose of creating these awards was to recognize those who had given outstanding interviews. Lina, our founder, wanted to show her appreciation by rewarding them with trophies for their contributions. Another award category emerged to honor independent artists who graciously allowed us to feature their music on our show. These two categories became widely popular and over time they were refined as the awards evolved throughout subsequent years.

2015 LJ Diamond Awards winners were:
Mike Aloia Founder of American Hearts Radio
"Most Popular Interview"
Cosmic Crash (Danny Meyers)
"Most Retweeted Independent Artist"

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