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Small but mighty, we offer affordable services to micro-businesses. "A micro-business is any company that has less than five employees." If your company fits that category, then most likely you are wearing several hats, and that can be exhausting.  well, we are here to help take some of the stress off of you. We are professionals in today’s trendy, adventurous economy. We are not fancy or wordy and our work speaks for itself, we have been in business since 2011. Once private and small we are expanding our services to the public. We understand that micro businesses need affordable services that will move them to the next level.  


Photo Shoots

We are a micro company; however, we still offer perks to our LJDNetwork family besides free or discounted entrance to our events. One of our perks for those who live locally or those willing to do some light travel from surrounding areas is our free photo shoots. Photo shoots are done twice a year, one for spring/summer and the other fall/winter. There are photo shoots done in between those time but those are personally paid for by the entertainer. The two we do each year are free, it does not cost anything for our family members to participate it is also an optional service. Why do we do it? We do it because we understand being in the entertainment business you will need pictures and the costs of photography can be expensive for a starving actor/entertainer/musician, therefore we offer this service to them for free. We offer up to three changes in outfits, you do not have to use all three changes if all you have is a two change that's fine as well. It is usually an all-day thing so be prepared to cross out that day for nothing else. Make sure you get your rest, and you are up to par because you will be taking pictures.

If you are a photographer without an ego problem and would like to come to one of our photo shoots to take pictures, please email Lina Jones at For more information. This is not a paid project, but you will get the credit on the LJDNetwork. This is a great opportunity for upcoming photographers, you must also be approved and authorized by LJDNetwork.

Note: To be included in a photo shoot any outstanding invoices that you may have with LJDNetwork must be paid in full. Free Photo shoots are only available to LJDNetwork Family of Entertainers that live or travel to the 757 area.


We are having a special on starter websites for small/micro businesses this package is a $750 value, and we are offering it for $350. You get a beautiful design 3-page website with your colors package including:
-Home Page
-About Me
-Contact me
Options and add-ons are available ask about them when you speak with your consultant. For questions email us.
Get it while it's hot!

Video & Audio Editing
Video Productions & Set Design
Intros, Outros & Thumbnails
Audio Commercials (sample)
Audio Recording Counseling
Social Media Account Set-up
Social Media Banner Graphics
Photography touchups & Enhancements
Social Media Management  & Marketing
Events Planning & Promotions


Web Design & Web Hosting
Podcast Hosting
New show Producer for Radio & Podcasters
Graphic Designs
Business card creation (Please request to see cards)
Power Point Presentation
Video Commercials
AI & Human Audio Commercials (Click here for sample)
Video Ads for Social Media
Brand Building

Recent Web Pages

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DJ Janitorial Service


Our web hosting services provide:
Domain Registration
3rd Party email set-up (google, yahoo, msn)
Social Media set-up (including YouTube)
Website Maintenance

Photography and video productions produced by LJDNetwork.

Rags to Riches (a film by Sertonius Visions) Created and editing short trailer from slices of the video that was sent to me.

LJDNR Halloween Masquerade Party 2022

LJDNR Fusion Concert - There was several videos for this project to see them all go to our YouTube channel.

Event Catering Service

We realize that catering service may seem a little awkward for an entertainment business, but it fits right in line with what the LJDNetwork stands for. At our events we believe in feeding people, 95% of our events will include food. Because we like to offer catered food at our events our catering is done by our sister company Pop-Up Lunches, please visit their website if you would like to hire their catering service for your event. They cater to small events 150 or less, the food is incredibly delicious northern based or authentic Haitian style cuisine, they are also a micro company and would welcome your business.