LJDNetwork Studio makes creative use of its 800 square feet studio located in Chesapeake VA. There are two studios available for hourly rentals. We provide a space, color backdrops in your choice of white, black and green. We also provide lighting equipment a place to change outfits, a makeup station, and a work station to edit or view your work. We provide a clean bathroom and a television reception area for models, actors and show guest.

Diamond Studio #1

Video and photographer ready, need a place to make a video of a product, informercial, make a speech or sell a service this is the space for you.  This space is also available for photography you can adjust the lighting to whatever fits the shot, portraits or still. You provide your own camera equipment we provide the lighting and backdrops. You can even bring your own backdrops or small to medium set props.

Diamond Studio #2

Studio B the podcast studio

You have the option to bring your own backdrop the backdrops LJDN network backdrops are included in the cost of your hourly rate.  Backdrops in lighting are included in your hourly rate. You also have the option to use your own computer for your recorded session, if you are using your own equipment for recording LJDNetwork does provide USB mics.  You also have the option to use your own mic and equipment. When using the LJDNetwork studio and equipment there must be a Studio Engineer in the podcast session with you. Your Studio Engineer will be to assist you with the production of your podcast.


Live shows are allowed in Studio #1 however because capacity in Studio #2 is only allowed to have up to 4 people including an engineer in the studio. For more questions about the podcast please email us.