My 7-Day Challenge

I Started My 7-Day Challenge 6/7/21

#Day 1 - Monday with “Be Pure” I had been feeling a little under the weather for a few days, I had started taking some new vitamins and they did not seem to be reacting as well in my system. My stomach felt the lining of my stomach felt a little rough I figured it was just an adjustment to the new vitamins. When I say vitamins, I'm not talking about anything crazy I'm just talking about adding a new vitamin to your regimen so if I was taking B12 then added vitamin C for example, you know those type of vitamins. life I decided to put my first scoop of Nefesh in a glass of orange juice, Stephen says that I could put it in water, milk or in my food. Upon opening the “Nefesh Be Pure” I noticed it had a pinkish color to it, you can clearly see that it had beets in it. I put a scoop in my orange juice and stirred it up, it's very thick so I suggest stirring it quickly for an even distribution or putting it in a blender it is definitely something that you would want to add in a smoothie.

The consistency is like fiber, like a Metamucil type texture, when mixing it with my orange juice it made a very pretty color and I liked that, after I mixed it I drank it straight down. The taste was not bad at all even with the thick texture.  Within a few minutes, the inside lining of my stomach began to feel smoother and not so agitated. Stephen called me to ask me was I climbing the walls yet (as if I would get this burst of energy and suddenly wanted to do everything). LOL

I drunk the mixture after I ate a piece of grilled chicken and some potatoes along with my metformin because I am diabetic. Stephen says you don't have to eat anything in the morning you can just put it in your drink, and it will sustain you for several hours. However, I felt that I should eat something first because I had not eaten any breakfast and that was my first meal of the day. I was not hungry for the rest of the day but because I am a late-night worker, I did start getting hungry around 2:00 AM. Which I just decided to have a cup of yogurt. I slept pretty much the same as I would any other night, I really did not notice a difference in my sleep.

I woke up a little bit more energetic than I would have on any other normal morning.

#Day 2 - Tuesday I woke up and decided I was going to take the Be Pure the right way, early in the morning to see how long it would sustain my hunger. Working on a computer all day tends to make me want to sit at my desk and munch out all day that is a bad habit to get into, although I try not to fall into that habit my body does give in to that weakness more often than I should.  I do not do it every day but some days I do get down with the potato chips or the cheese puffs. Which is totally bad for me, and I know that.

I put a scoop of the “Be Pure” in a tall glass of orange juice as I did the day prior but today, I decided to have some oatmeal. I made myself two packets of oatmeal maybe I should have had one but as you know they don't put very much in those little packets. Either way two packets of oatmeal just make a small helping, and I am usually hungry 2 hours later. I drunk my “Be Pure” immediately afterwards.

I did not feel much of a difference in my stomach because it was still feeling better from the day before, but I did not get hungry like I usually do. When I wanted to munch, I noticed it was more of a psychological thing than a physical thing because my body did not need food but because I am addicted to the sugar opioid I eat.  I did not feel bloated, neither did I feel like I wanted to zoom across the room and just start doing everything. Because there are no stimulants in the “Be Pure” it is 100% natural I felt energetic and a lil brighter for whatever that is worth ready to start my day. That is all I have for now will report more on Wednesday.

#Day 3 - Wednesday, for breakfast I put nefesh in my smoothie (pic on the left). I mixed frozen mangos, strawberries and because I must have some flava in my food. I added a pack of strawberry smoothie mix and a dash of vanilla flavoring.  Now usually my smoothies are delious... although smooth they have a smooth icey taste. However, nefesh made it taste and look like a malt it was satisfying and sooo good. The best part is I was not hungry the whole day I felt the energy in my body and cleansing throughout. For dinner, I made a bean and taco salad on top of some Lime flavored tortilla chips. I got the recipe from a friend it was good eating and I actually went to bed around 12:30 am which was a big change for me because I am a night owl. The meeting is tonight please join us if you can here is the link.

#Day 4:  Thursday, today I had my “Be Pure” with some orange juice I whipped it up in my blender, because the powder does not mix well with a spoon. I did not have any breakfast at all I wanted to see how long it would last on my stomach without me eating. I did eat later that evening a couple of slices of chicken breast no carbs. Do not get me wrong, I do not eat like that all the time it's just that sometimes I just don't feel like eating but I know I have to feed my body something because I am diabetic. “Be Pure” lasted quite a while without me eating anything, I was not hungry, I did not feel grumpy because I had not eaten or any of that. However, I did notice yesterday that was my acne was clear now I suffer from lite acne even at an older age. It makes me feel like I am a teenager although I wish that part of it would go away. I had a couple of new acne bumps that had come up they were gone. Also, I have this thing that every morning for the past year or so when I wake up, I always have one side of my nostril that is clogged when I am sleeping. I usually just spray some Afrin up there to get it started for the day and then I am done it does not clog anymore that day. It was not clogged that morning and my breathing was clear all throughout. And I woke up feeling energetic I woke up truly ready to start my day. Now, I did get a little hot while sleeping I notice that, and I guess it is because nefesh burns the calories while you are sleeping. I know something is going on in my body because I feel differently and it’s all good though? Have you taken the 7 challenges yet?

#Day 5 – Friday, On Be Pure when I woke up this morning Thursday and made a smoothie with banana, blueberries, strawberry, and banana yogurt.  a scoop Be Pure. a dash of vanilla extract and 1 pack of strawberry smoothie mix. It made malt like smoothie it was delicious and filling it kept me the whole day till about 6:00PM. Friday is fish day in my house, so I had fish for dinner. I did remain energetic and refreshed the whole day end I felt a little lighter. I do not believe in stepping on a scale, scales depress me, I determine my weight loss by how I fit in my clothes and how I feel when I put my clothes on. I am very impressed with what it is doing in my skin this is day #5 no new adult acne and my old ones are gone.  I do not know if it will react the same with teenagers. Plus, your cells do not start degenerating until your until after you turn 24yrs they would need that type of stuff. I think it works better on adult acne and skin, those are very important to me, my skin is more important to me than my weight maybe that sounds odd but hey, that is me. We will see what happens on Saturday, Saturday is a challenge for me because it is my anniversary and my husband has dinner reservations for us, and earlier in the day I am attending a baby shower of a friend of mine. This is going to be hard I am telling you right now, so you may not hear such discipline on Saturday’s journey.

Day 6 - Saturday, I made the Be Pure with I knew that I probably would have a heavy day of eating, so I mixed it with some orange juice and had a slice of wheat toast, which maintained me until dinner. This was the beginning of my anniversary weekend which my husband had made reservations for us to eat at the Butchers Son restaurant in Great Bridge Virginia. The dinner was at 5:30 and I ordered the special filet mignon and the crab cake with a side of French-style green beans and I drank 2 Peach Bellini’s which were very good. Of course, I was full after dinner I did manage to eat all my dinner although the steak was a little heavy on my digestive system. Later, it was off to my friend’s baby shower I, at the baby shower there was so much BBQ food, all types of food, cake, and alcohol it was crazy. The baby shower spilled over into the nighttime party time, although I was too full to eat from the dinner my husband and had just eaten, I did take a few chicken wings home for hubby & me for the next day next day’s dinner. I did take home two slices of the baby shark cake us which by the time I got home the plate had taken the frosting off the cake, so that was a good thing because I got to eat just the cake without the frosting. And no…. I did not eat the frosting from the top of the plate, I was good and left it there. I did better Saturday than I thought I would do so I pat myself on the back for that. I felt light and in overall good spirits, it was a good day.


Day 7 - Sunday mornings I have coffee with my husband I had my regular cup of coffee one slice of toast, and I made a Be Pure smoothie. It lasted all day although I was very exhausted, and I slept most of the day for dinner. For dinner, I had shrimp scampi over a bed of white rice. I will admit the shorts that I put on Sunday were hanging I am not going to say quite a bit, but they were hanging so now is where the weight loss is kicking in. So, all in all, in my seven-day experience with Be Pure I did exercise three days out of that week although I forgot to mention it because I walk 2 miles regularly, I did not think to mention it in my post. I will continue with my Be Pure although I will not be reporting anymore unless you watch the health show coming June 24th of this month live on LJDNetwork YouTube.

If you haven't tried Nefesh Be Pure 7-day challenge it's really simple to do all the cost is $20, you will receive a 7-day package of Be Pure.  Email us your results and what you think about the product for our webpage (link above).   Thanks for reading and I hope you two decide to live than the nefesh lifestyle.