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bad bitches

Drama...... This is some real life ish.

Have you ever just sat back and listen to yourself? I know y'all have done some ish before that you didn't realize looked so bad when you look back on him a few years later, a pic, video or maybe a recording. Well I can't go and say that everything that I made since, but hey what’s done is done. So let's just go back and redo this ish again because it I it was about 2 years ago why not decided to do a podcast. I went to Lina and told her about me wanted to do one and she was cool with it she said I would bring a different flavor to LJDNRadio, so she gave me a little advice ish. But I didn't listen I went and made some recordings with somebody that I don’t kickit with anymore and now Lina has all those recordings. But I don't want her to use that so I'm got some new flava here so hang tight with me for a few. I know I wasn't here last week, I think the whole station took a f’n break last week.  but I'm here now and that's what's up, so check me out Tuesday night new episode 7 PM your girl Jersey of #LNCL only on

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