At  LJDNPodcast.com we dare you “To Go Ahead and Be Yourself”, that is our motto for our podcast platform. If you haven't tried podcasting and this is your first time, I congratulate you it is very empowering some people to have the knack for it, and some don’t. Everything is not always for everybody. This is how we do things here on LJDNPodcast.com.

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You Don't Have To Be An Expert

Whether you are new or novice it is so easy to upload your audio to LJDN podcast.com. Your audio will be placed on our podcast show line up. This is the place for all new podcasters if this is your first time and you're only “Testing the Waters” you can test up to 3 podcasts this is where you want to be. Why? Because every Monday night there is a new podcast episode played of whoever the podcaster is for that week. If you want to venture out and have a weekly series of podcasts, then fabulous! You can do that also. The weekly series podcast is priced differently as you can see from our price list below. Testing the water podcasters only pay $3 per podcast to upload your podcast to LJDNPodcast.com. Here’s what you get, not only will your podcast be on LJDNPodcast.com and on LJDNRadio.com websites, you’ll have the ability to download it anywhere you want. Your audio will play on LJDNRadio.com on Monday nights at 8:00 PM EST. Every Monday night there will be a new podcast played. If there are no new podcasts, there will not be a new podcast aired. New podcast airings are blasted in our Social Media feeds as well. So go ahead and register for your account the registration is free and get ready to get started into the exciting, empowering world of podcasts, all you have to do is upload it and name it we do the rest.  Podcasts are not a fad it's going to be around for a long time, it’s already been around for a long time since radio started, we just gave it a fancy name.

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lncl laugh now cry later
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Want More...

For those wanting more, like wanting to have their own show production that is a specialty priced item you will find the prices for that item on the LJDNetwork store. A full production show includes an intro to your Podcast and an ending with music, not only is it heard at your regularly scheduled time on LJDNRadio it is also heard on LJDNPodcast.com. Plus clients who want a full production get their own web page and a social media blast the day of their show airing. If you want a visual production to be on camera in the spotlight with or without a backdrop, with a video intro and ending. There are two ways to do it:

#1  You send us your video and we will add the intro and the end (upon your approval)

#2  We tape your show in our studio (local clients only)

Your video will be added to our YouTube page and you will also where you can embed it or put the link on your personal website. Your episodes can be heard on-demand on your webpage within LJDNPodcast and on your personal website (if you have one). Have a regular weekly scheduled night on LJDNRadio. A package designed to make you feel like a star! Because you are a star, we're all #diamonds in the rough just waiting to shine and that's what LJDNetwork is all about, letting you shine. Are you ready to get started? Because the Star package is customized to your needs please fill out the form in the description box let us know what you want and a representative will contact you with a quote.  Check out our FAQ page before getting started If you would like more information about LJDNPodcasting send us an email or fill out a contact form.