My Final Farewell

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Susan Ashcraft about 4 years ago in Northern VA, I was doing a production for one of her friends Dr. Ruby Ward Producing her show “Ministries for Life”. Susan had expressed to me at that time that she wanted to have a show of her own and it was my pleasure to produce it. I created a logo and a name for her “Keeping It Real with Susan” she liked the name and so #KIR was created.  I chose that name because that is exactly what she did. When you do a production it's not necessarily all about the money but by choice. With me, I have to like what the person is doing and consider the message, because believe it or not there could be good messages and lessons learned in what some people would consider as negative expression. I can read between the lines and see the hurt or see what the person is trying to tell the world and I try to capture that and send it out to the world. In Susan’s case what she wanted to say wasn't negative it was completely positive and her thinking was in the same manner of mine, and I liked that especially when it came to spreading the word of Jesus Christ and getting people to understand and see just how wonderful He is if they only allow themselves to know Him.  Her way of spreading the word was in a manner that I could appreciate, she was so easy to talk to because she actually listened to what I had to say.

I produced 3 shows for Susan and she paid me the amount that I requested, she did not ask for a discount, she did not tell me it was for charity so I could write it off, she told me my price was reasonable and that it was no problem. I fell in love with her right then and there, there's nothing better than a no hassle point of sale. Lol, when with those that were having the same thing done did not pay Susan understood that I had to pay for gas in the hotel room that I had to rent in order to do the productions. Sometimes Christian people think that just because they are Christian and have a title that they are entitled to get things for free without even considering what the person may be going through, but Susan was different. She said to me “it’s only fair that you get paid for your services” and I never forgot that. So, when it came time to look for people that wanted to spread the gospel for LJDNRadio on Sunday’s Christian shows Susan came to mind.  I called her and she was more than willing to accept the invitation. I told her that I would do the first 30 days for free but she would have to pay a monthly fee to keep her show every Sunday and told her the price. Again, she said, “that's very reasonable and it would not be a problem”. She said she understood that I have expenses in trying to run a radio. she said there had been some things on her mind, some words that she wanted to spread, some things that she wanted to speak on and mines was just another platform for her to spread the good news. I knew Susan had beat cancer the first time like a warrior and for some reason I thought she'd beat it again but it defeated her, and I’m not saying that in a bad way because she's gone on to be with our God, to look Jesus in the face to hear those mighty words that we all want to hear someday, “well done good and faithful servant”.

Before Susan got very ill she sent me a stack of CDs with ministries on it this she had preached, because her health was deteriorating she was not able to make the new recordings every week. I was blessed to be able to get one of her last live recordings. For some reason, I refuse to believe that Susan was ill because Susan was for me “Top cop” and could get through anything.  I saw her as a strong woman so thinking that cancer had come back and was defeating her was not an option for me. And I pray for her forgiveness for that when she sent a post to me and I saw her on her sickbed my heart dropped to know such a sweet sweet woman would be leaving this earth. I know this is a lot of words And I am usually lost for words when someone leaves this earth, but I know that Susan is in a better place than me and you. And I will see her again someday, see her lovely smile in her beautiful just beautiful personality, rest in peace my friend and know that the LJDNetwork will continue to spread your word through the LJDRadio. If you would like to see the first shows that I produced with Susan here's a link you can watch them on Vimeo. I don't know what else to say so I send my condolences to her family and her friends, I too I'm going to miss her beautiful soul.

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