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#ITC "Are You Still Holding to Your New Year's Resolution?

Yooo! What's a good family?
Damn it's been a cool minute, How you been and how have this year been treating you? I know and understand that every new year everyone and they mama always has a new year's resolution. But my question is are you still working on it, or did you shut it down already? And can I ask did you set realistic goals or did you set your goals so big that you were already set yourself up for failure from the beginning? Well, to be honest, my new year's started off a little crazy but all is well, god has everything in control!! But i will share what my goals and resolution are, and some of them are coming to pass. But cant wait to be back on the air and to get this year started, we have so much great news to share to make sure yall tuned in and ready to rock. But as I always say keep pressing, keep grinding don't worry about the haters it's your life do you. Always give a helping hand because what you put out will come back. Stay blessed until tomorrow holla! http://tobtr.com/11647415

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As I always say, keep pressing and always give out positive energy because what you put out will come back.
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