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#ITC "Domestic Violence which is worse Physical or Mental Abuse?"

  What's  good family, hope all is well. Is it just me or has this month just flying by, February the shortest month but has the most to do. First off I feel like we don't have the right amount of time to share our history because we share with holidays like Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, Acts of kindness day and Chocolate mint day. So how we pose to compete with all that. But anyway that was just a rant we can move on now. But to the meat and potatoes, this week's show is about domestic violence! And I know this is a very touchy subject but I really feel we need to have this talk because we see it on a daily basis, and most time we just ignore the signs because deep down we don't want to face the facts that someone is catching hell and on the other hand its none of your business. So the real question is, what would you do if you were in that situation. Would you want help? Would you want people to turn the other cheek? And just to really feel the pain of the victim which is worse mental abuse or physical abuse? I know it may seem a bit too much but we have to bring light because it is hidden in the dark. So please tune in chime in and share your story if you have one, to help the next person. So until later be blessed and never give up on your dream.  Share your stories call-in at 347-237-4697 or log-on at http://tobtr.com/11683964
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