Q: How much does it cost to have a 60-minute radio show?

A:  Prices vary, all our prices are affordable we strive to make the prices reasonable and affordable for those looking to start their own podcast or show. The best way to know is to fill out the “Contact Me” form and you will be contacted via email.

Q: What does an advertisement photo mean?

A: An advertisement photo is a picture you send to us which will be posted on the front page of the LJDNetwork website, on our scroll bar which is the first thing people see when coming into the website.

Q: What does On-Demand mean?

A: On-Demand is an application that we use on the LJDNRadio.com website, this widget plays all of the shows on the LJDNetwork that all listeners can play anytime and any day.

Q: Does a web page include your own personal domain name and hosting?

A:  No it does not, the web page on LJDNetwork.com is merely a page with your name or your shows name on it.  It will look like this https://ljdnetwork.com/yourname or your shows name.  LJDNetwork.com does not offer .com registrations nor do we offer individual web hosting for shows that are located on the network a web page, (Not website) is included with most of our plans.

Q: What if I don't live in Virginia can I still have a show or Podcast on the LJDNetwork?

A: You can record your show as audio in an MP3 or Wave format and sent it via email to  ljdnetwork@gmail.com. You will need to have a Google drive so that you can import a large file through email.

You can send in a copy of a video of your show, the video would have to edit it an examined before putting it up on the LJDNetwork. You will be billed for the price of the plan that you selected.

Q: What if no one listens to my show? Do I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, you will not receive a refund because your show has used airtime which has to be paid for. No podcasts website or company can guarantee that people will choose your show to listen to. The plus about using the LJD in-network is we are not a large network and there's not hundreds or thousands of podcasts to choose from. We have a small number of podcasts we are currently hosting and welcome more. However, no matter how popular you are that does not mean or guarantee that someone is going to listen to your show, coming on board with a family of shows that has a limited amount to choose from makes your chances of getting your show heard 25% better than most websites that have thousands of shows to choose from. As was stated earlier no podcast company can guarantee that your show will have listened too, but we can say your show will be heard if you join our network.

Q: How long does it take to get a showup and running?

A: That really depends on you, if you have pics already and have selected a plan that includes the photo then you would simply send in your photo and the audio of your show. All the details will be given to you and explained upon joining the network.

Q: How am I billed?

A: Our billing is processed through Square.com via email for security purposes It is due once a month or your shows starting date will be the same for your billing date. Your airtime can also be split into 2 payments per month. To find out more information about the airtime cost and billing please send us an email

If there is any further questions please drop us an email it will gladly respond with it 24 hours.