About Us

Let us entertain you! It's sound cliche but it's true add us to your list of favorite places to visit on the internet.

LJDNetwork is the hub forĀ  LJDNPodcast, LJDNRadio (and its sister station) LJDNR-Opulence, entertainment originating from the LJDNShow in 2014. We offer a variety of entertainment and media services. Our goal is to make these services available for micro business owners at a price that fits their budget. We work with your business to come up with plans that are affordable & fair to both parties. To learn more about our services visit our website at LJDNetwork.com. We thank and appreciate you for listening and ask that you tell a friend or relative about us. Our radio stations can be heard any time from practically anywhere. We are a young company looking to expand growth through networking, podcasters, and music both commercial and independent, we hope you join us in this journey.