The Studio,

The studio doesn't officially open until February 1st, 2020, have the hours will be posted on or by January 25th. You can read more about the where’s and the how I started below. Our #diamondclients will be able to rent a separate space have their podcast shows and their guest in one room, there will be another area available for video or photography space rental. They will also be a small workstation for those needing to edit their video materials or photos. We do not supply a computer for editing the videographer or photographer will have to use their own laptop, however, we do provide a workspace if needed. We do not provide cameras and/or video equipment, we provide the space the backdrop, lighting, makeup station and a place for models to change. We welcome those who would like to bring in extra pieces of furniture small pieces to create a set for their video (we do not store furniture).  We are even available to help with set creations and ideas. We are a small studio but can utilize our space in unique ways to make your productions beautiful and we help you to be seen and heard so don’t worry if you’re a first-time podcaster. You can also send us your podcast to be plugged in on and “On-Demand,  a list of prices and services will be available on or by January 17th. We will have a grand opening ceremony Saturday, February 8th 2020from 3:00 to 5:00 PM hors oeuvres as well as small glasses of red wine. Please come out and join us as we look forward to greeting you. If you have any questions, please email us phone lines will not be open until February 1st. Booking is done on a first come first serve basis.

This is Different,

Breaking it down The LJDNetwork has progressed within the last 9 years, originally starting out as Video by Lina which is now an LLC with several DBA's all starting with LJDN. In case you don’t know what LJDN stands for its Lina Jones Diamond Network, so if you don't know now you know. Video by Lina started out as a supermini video production company were, I did videos, web designs, graphic designs and more. The LJDNShow was created in 2014 as a name I can call my show on Blog Talk I chose the name LJDNetwork because of the pressure I was under trying to grow a mini business. The thought was to think of something that everyone loved that makes people smile something that was precious, “ie” diamonds. Diamonds are beautiful, they are brilliant, colorful, sharp, sparkly all that and more.

Some diamonds are flawless unfortunately life is not. When deciding on a name I decided to do some research on how diamonds are formed when I discovered that diamonds was formed out of pressure, lots of pressure it couldn't have been a more perfect name. Many of us in life don't see our net worth, we put ourselves down, and are very hard on ourselves. Sometimes harder than we need to be, we push ourselves constantly, some of us are too driven and because we push ourselves so hard, we create all this pressure. Financial pressure, peer pressure, social pressure, relationship pressure all types of pressure and in the midst of all that pressure were forming, we don’t realize that we're growing, elevating and inspiring ourselves to do better, or in some cases do right, to shine. That's what makes our diamonds, the diamond is you, the diamond is me, the diamonds are all of us we are all one big part of a diamond network. I have created over 344 episodes of the LJDNShow and have had over 11,000 downloads.

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